iLUV SmartShaker 2


iLUV SmartShaker 2

  • WAKE UP BETTER THROUGH VIBRATING BED ALARM CLOCK : Experience custom innovation, with 3 levels of vibration (Normal, Strong, and Strongest) to wake you up like never before. Just slip the Smartshaker 2 under your pillow, schedule your wake-up time via the app and set your alarm. The SmartShaker 2 is guaranteed to get you out of bed without disturbing your partner. Adjust the vibration wirelessly through the app and wake up through any combination of vibration and sound.
  • UNIQUE SMARTSHAKER+ APP: Don't be intimidated by the unique app. Open "User Guide [pdf]" link under "Product information" below on this page for details. With free SmartShaker+ (Plus) app (compatible with iOS 9.0+ or Android 5.0+) you can set up to 10 alarms, select options, and monitor Shaker battery. After initial pairing, it will disconnect from your phone to save battery. SmartShaker 2 with memory works independently without your phone. You need to sync only when you change the set up.
  • MORE BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE: Anyone can benefit from the SmartShaker 2. The vibrating alarm clock is great for deaf/people who suffer from hearing loss, senior citizens, or even couples and roommates that are on different sleeping schedules. Have a friend that is a heavy sleeper? The SmartShaker 2 will give them more wake-up support. This unique clock wake up experience is also loved by those who despise the classic alarm. So call up your friends and show them true innovation.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: Whether at home or in your dorm, the SmartShaker 2 can support your wake up. Enjoy a small size that allows for easy mobility. Additionally, Bluetooth Smart - one of the leading technologies in the industry – works to make sure that your device gets the maximum amount of life from the featured lithium ion battery. Use up to 5 minutes a day and expect up to an impressive 10 days of power. Take the shaker with you when you stay at a hotel, go camping or travel.
  • SURPRISING ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The SmartShaker 2 has even more wake up options than ever. In addition to any combination of vibration levels and ringtones, you also have the option to pair your SmartShaker 2 to iLuv’s Rainbow7 Bluetooth Smart Bulbs and wake up to your preferred lighting (completely optional).Wake up through sight, sound and shake all with the SmartShaker 2. Set to a graduate lighting that imitates sunrise, or wake up to your favorite colored mood lighting.

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